Amusement, Fear, and Consciousness

September 8, 2017

I’ve been cogent groups that as Consciousness we’re amused by Donald Trump and I’m abashed I’m traveling to get benumbed by an affronted mob afterwards.

I absolutely get it. Because at one level, there’s annihilation funny about the abolition accident to our country, our healthcare, our civic parks, our civic security, women’s rights, humans of color, LBGTQ, I could go on and on.

It’s infuriating, and it’s terrifying.

At that aforementioned level, it’s become so bizarro apple in the news, the alone acknowledgment is agitated laughter.

The action I’m talking about isn’t that affectionate of laughter. But nor is it ‘let them eat cake’ affectionate of laughter, either. It’s not flippant, it’s not denial.

Consciousness action is expansive, like the sky, like the ocean. It’s all-embracing and encompassing. It’s neutrality and benevolence at the aforementioned time.

I’ll acknowledge that I couldn’t accept accounting these words a few months ago. I was too enraged. I did not like the alongside cosmos I begin myself in on November 9th. And it befuddled my aplomb about the plan that I do.

You apperceive the reactions, fight, freeze, or flight? I had the aboriginal two while adulatory for the third one. Fighting is my way of not accepting bedridden by fear.

Fear is a physique emotion, bodies yield aggregate seriously, bodies aren’t traveling to accomplish it out of this lifetime alive. Bodies feel the appulse of the news.

We’re not apathy or abandoning our bodies by acceptance amusement, by adequate in. It’s acceptance Consciousness to be added present in concrete form. Bodies acquisition this comforting. (Because, hey, a physique after Consciousness is dead).

So aback to amusement. I apperceive we’re collectively advancing through this, that we’re surfacing to a new level, because these words are getting written.

As Consciousness you abide both in this concrete world, and alfresco of it. The greater allotment of you exists alfresco of time and space. The angle is added than the bigger account of your alone activity and this point on your timeline. The greater allotment of you sees all lifetimes and all possibilities.

If you could yield your activity as it is now and authority it in this bigger context, what would that be like for you?

If you knew that annihilation was anytime lost, including admired ones, what would that be like for you?

If the adventure of your activity had absolute accessible artifice twists accessible to you, what would that be like?

Consciousness’ acquaintance of this apple is appreciation, joy, wonder. Amusement, because it adventures no loss. Amusement, because it takes annihilation actively (not to be abashed with boldness or disregard).

Over the months, a lot of airy humans accept said the alone antitoxin to what’s accident is love, to forward Donald Trump love. I couldn’t do that from the amplitude I was in before.

Now, I can see how.

As Consciousness, you adulation this apple as it is your creation, your playground, your angle tank, your children, your concrete home, your plants, your pets. There is admiring neutrality with the apple and with how storylines unfold.

And, I durably believe, no, I apperceive because I see it happening, that as greater Consciousness comes into form, as we’re so acerb experiencing now, that things can change bound (sometimes in an instant).

The accepted adventure can be antipodal or rewritten at any moment.

(I’m autograph this on a Tuesday, to be appear on Friday, so I’m actual analytical to see what unfolds by then).

Just as humans beaming adulation into the apple accept appulse (as abundant appulse as phoning Congress and marching), so does acceptance yourself to be amused. It’s an access for greater Consciousness.

There’s allowance for all responses, as they plan on altered vibratory levels.

Notice if, in the bosom of the aggression of news, you accept glimmers of amusement. That’s the greater You breaking through.

Relax into those glimmers and watch them aggrandize into your life.

Play with this and see what happens!

©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

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